“Knowing the facts is half the battle... Here are some of the most common questions we get from Opportunity Seekers... ”  

Q. What can Tal Search Group do for me? 

A. Because of the time and expense required to conduct employment and talent searches, many companies opt not to advertise their vacancies. As an alternative, they ask Tal Search Group to locate qualified people for them. By putting your trust in us and because of our long-standing relationships with hiring managers, you get access to these positions.

In addition, you get information that cannot be found in Sunday's newspaper or on-line advertisements. From Tal Search Group, you get the inside perspective on the company, your workplace, and the actual position before your interview.
Most importantly, you will have a single point of contact at Tal Search Group who will get to know you as a person.

Q. What kind of jobs are out there? 

A. As the People Side of Technology, Tal Search Group remains focused on the field of information technology. These positions in IT Systems include Network Administration, Network Architecture, Desktop Support Web/Internet related positions, Software Engineer, Systems Analyst, Programmer Analyst, and other related positions. For IT Management, positions include Business Analysts, Database Administrator, UNIX Systems Administrator, Data Architect, Project Leader, Project Manager, IT Manager and other related positions.

We continue to get new job requirements on a daily basis. If you are passively looking for other opportunities and waiting for the right one, you can request to be put on our mailing list of new requirements that are actively being interviewed for by our clients. Just send an email to info@talsearchgroup.com and request to be added to our distribution list of open jobs. Please note that this is an inclusive list of opportunities throughout the United States.

Q. How much does it cost me? 

A. Nothing. Our client companies fully pay our fees.

Q. Is Tal Search Group on retainer to any particular firm? 

A. No. We represent several companies, not just one, which allows us to work on a contingency basis.